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● Conductive Single / Multilayer Sheet Extruder

Conductive Single / Multilayer Sheet Extruder

This machine provides conductive sheets of even thickness, with a minimal error of within ±05μm in thickness, which have now become main materials for electronics and semiconductor elements packages. 

We’ve also developed models for producing sheets in 0.2mm thickness, containing 60 percent of carboned for making polymer thermistors. Thermistors applied in electronics, such as mobile phone, notebook, PDA, have the following features:
1. Self-blackout, while temperature is too high.
2. Protection
3. Small volume, easy to pack.

Conductive sheets are applied to make carrier tapes, antistatic packaging, packaging for semiconductor elements and other electronic components.

Conductive Single / Multilayer Sheet Extruder

PS.We manufacture machinery to meet customers’ requirement.


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