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Dual Color Sheet Extruder

Features :
● Adjustable width of stripes.
● Multimanifold dies, single manifold dies, without coextrusion

PET Single/ Multilayer Sheet Extruder 

Featuring precision control and saving electricity consumption, this model has earned a solid reputation in Taiwan, mainland China, Thailand, Indonesia, and South America. It produces PET sheets featuring high transparency, high brightness, high strength, high resilience, and environment-friendliness, which are now replacing PVC sheets.

PLA Sheet Extruder

Featuring high transparency and excellent water-resistance, PLA
 (poly-lactic-acid) is physically similar to plastics, yet it is 100% decomposable.

TPU Film Extruder

Now this model is widely applied in the USA and Europe, flexible TPU sheets are top-grade materials for diving suits, waterbeds, windbreakers, snow jackets, plasma bags, shoes, knee pads, etc.

PP, HIPS Multilayer-Sheet Extruder

Available in models producing double/triple-layer sheets, this machine, allows separate sheet-thickness adjustment

Conductive Single / Multilayer Sheet Extruder

This machine provides conductive sheets of even thickness, with a minimal error of within ±05μm in thickness, which have now become main materials for electronics and semiconductor elements packages.


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